Snowkite Training Spot Simplon

Snowkite Location Simplon

Kite Shop & Test Center

The base of the Swiss Snowkiting School is located on the Simplon Pass in Valais, Switzerland, where the kite shop and the kite test center of Ozone & GIN kites are located. Here in the heart of the Swiss Alps you will find optimal conditions for snowkiting. The Simplon Pass is 2006 meters high and connects the Valais with Italy. Here on the weather divide between north and south, there are often pressure differences and thus wind. On Simplon you often have the weather from the south.

Snowkite Spot Simplon

To briefly explain the terrain on the Simplon is practically impossible. The spot has a huge variety of land, branches, trees, hills, cliffs, hollows, pipes & backcountry routes. Each time you come back to the Simplon, you discover new little beauties on the pass. In the following, we restrict ourselves to the main spots and their general characteristics.

Simplon area Stockalperturm - ideal training ground

This Simplon area is slightly below the pass. There the wind is often stronger and more constant in the morning than on the pass. This area is used primarily as a training ground and also offers plenty of space - ideal for beginners. With North wind, professionals can show their way through the backcountry to the top of the pass and discover many new microspots.

Snowkite Simplon Hospiz

Backcountry - discover new snowkite territory

Actually, the whole Simplon is a single backcountry area. If you want, you can discover new territory and climb mountains almost endlessly. Just try it and report it, we look forward to your feedbacks. As on all backcountry tours, you should only venture here with appropriate equipment and experience.

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Snowkite freeride and freestyle park

On the eastern side of the road (opposite Hotel Monte Leone) there is another very diverse kite landscape. Next to the road there is a slightly ascending area, which can be used by beginners very well. Behind this area are again a variety of cliffs, branches, hills and also a lake. The east side has incredible potential and invites you to spend the whole day here. Depending on the wind direction, it has a bit more wind on the east or west side.

Snowkite Frestyle Snowboarding Jpg

Snowkite Freestyle Park - the Cliff Paradise

On the western side of the Simplon, there are several small plateaus separated by escarpments. However, between the rocks you have the opportunity to kite up and reach the next level. This is not easy and only recommended for advanced snowkiters.

Kite Rider Pascal Nessier