Oli Tuggey Snowkiting

How to get to the Simplonpass

Arriving by car or train

The Simplonpass is accessible all winter and can be reached either by car or bus. There are only few buses per day going from Brig station to Simplon Monte Leone.

The nearest train station is Brig.
Check the Swiss Trains Website 

You can buy your tickets on the day or book them in advance. There is no difference in price.

Flights to Switzerland or Italy

The train journey time is about 2 hours from both Geneva and Milan airport. The train station in Geneva is in the airport where as in Milan you need to get a bus to Milan train station. Also the trains from Milan to Brig don’t run as late as they do from Geneva so check this if your plane arrives in the evening.

Location of the Swiss Snowkiting School, Simplonpass