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Terms & conditions - Swiss Snowkiting School

1. Application and Contract

By signing these terms and conditions you are entering in to an agreement with the Swiss Snow Kiting School and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

2. Benefits of Swiss Snowkiting School

The Swiss Snowkiting School will provide a qualified and professional instructor who will train you using the current course program including theory and practical training.

3. Pricing and billing

The price depends on the course booked and hours taught. All prices are inclusive of kite equipment. For the use of kite equipment, the Swiss Snowkiting School require a guarantee. Skis and snowboards are not included in the price. The participant pays the cost at the beginning of the course in cash. If the course is cancelled or terminated as a result of the weather conditions or any unforseen circumstances as decided by the instructor, a voucher will be supplied for the remainder of the course. Vouchers are valid for one year.

4. Registration and cancellation

Registration is binding. You must notify The Swiss Snow Kiting School of a cancellation of your booking at least one week before the course is due to start. Half the course cost may be charged as a cancellation fee.

5. Risk, Liability and Insurance

By signing these terms and conditions you accept the kitesports carry an inherent element of risk. Despite all possible care, attention and safety precautions taken injuries may occur. To reduce the risk, the Swiss Snowkiting School offers a specialized instruction and the appropriate safety standard kite equipment. The Swiss Snowkiting School trusts that participants follow the instructions and behave in a considerate and responsible manner. They accept any liability for accidents. The participant is responsible for damage to third parties as well as for any damage to the kite equipment by improper use or loss. Accident and liability insurance are a matter of the participants.

In the case of claims, regardless of their legal basis, the Swiss Snowkiting School is only liable for damages that have been caused by willful or gross negligence which fall within their area of responsibility. For the damage caused to an authorized assistant scope of their employment shall not be liable Swiss Snowkiting School. The liability for indirect and consequential damages - if legally permissible are excluded.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The contract and its terms are governed by Swiss law. Jurisdiction is Brig, Kanton Wallis.

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