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KITESHOP - Snowkites, Kites, Kiteboards, Kite Bars, Harnesses, Kite Accessories

KITESHOP - Snowkites, Kites, Kiteboards, Kite Bars, Harnesses, Kite Accessories

Find your suitable kite equipment in the online kite shop for water, snow and land.

After 15 years of experience in the kite, snowboard and paragliding sports, we only recommend high quality products.

The following kite brands are represented in this kite shop:

Ozone Kites: Snowkites & inflatable Kites
North Kites / North Kiteboarding: Kites, Kiteboards, Harnesses, Kitebags, Kitesurf Accessories
ION Essentials: Wetsuits, Harnesses, Kitebags, Kitesurf Accessories
GIN Kites: Tube Kites & Snowkites

Top service, professional advice, quality and hence customer satisfaction are our top priorities. We are happy to assist you with questions or individual offers.


Snowkite Equipment, Ozone Snowkites: Ozone Snowkites 2014, Ozone Occasion Snowkites 2013, Ozone Snowkite Harness, Ozone Trainer Kites

Ozone Frenzy
Ozone Summit
Ozone Access
Ozone Trainerkite - Ozone Ignition
Used Ozone Snowkites
Snowkite Harnesses


Kitesurf Equipment von North, ION, F-One, Ozone, GIN Kiteboarding

North Kites
Ozone Kites
GIN Kites
Kite Bars, Control Systems
North Kiteboards
North Harnesses
ION Harnesses
ION Wetsuits

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